little nudie turtles

A collection of somewhat recent electro tunes including real favourites of mine with some sample springles of the great tv show succession.
sep 2023

adam 84

a tribute to the marvellous czechoslovakian tv show having a really upbeat soundtrack.
sep 2023

soul train to disco town

taking the soul train to disco town - so many great tunes far from the generally known mainstream ones.
may 2023

always right now

Bringing it down to some slow flow alt guitar tunes.
jun 2022

never give up anything good

being a birthday gift for my love, this contains many of our shared favourites.
jun 2022


The wisdom of the breaks.
mar 2022

peace in all time

In times like these peace is what we hope for. peace in all time.
mar 2022

a message to young people

Something like a personal best of all the years of musical lovemanship.
mar 2021


Inspired by a gig at 'trotzdem yeah' at barcelona bar it combines uplifting tunes with a certain affinity to the use of breakbeats.
dec 2020

in the storm, clouds form

Clearly something to blow into your ears like a storm, sometimes on the edge of using one formula way too much, this one features fairly energetic d&b tunes. very much fun to mixs.
nov 2020

(on) kit t

A more forward kinda action pulsing its way through time. like taking a late night drive in a far advanced vehicle, well in speed limits, lights rushing by.
sep 2020

relative probabilities

always a good reason to listen, enjoy, dance and party - electro is best.
may 2020

go to space camp

a little something of everything, escape to space camp
mar 2020


going back to my roots to the beginning of the 90s, digging up old cds and tapes and diving in a sound that still gets me today.
mar 2020

ninja business

third installment of synth wave tracks. a little more up tempo this time.
dec 2019


putting uplifting tunes in contrast to a downlifting theater piece read by the late klaus kinski. let's declare it an experiment. over 5 house of house music and more various styles I really enjoy.
sep 2019

the spice melange

a colourful bouquet of tracks ... some favourites more or less contemporary
jun 2019

trip with the dead

second installment of synth wave tracks that I find outstanding. Added by some horror flavour on top.
apr 2019

neo maxi zoomed dweebie

a little dive into the ever growing genre of synth wave. thx to all the great artists out there.
jan 2019

remember 430 (e01-e05)

strongly inspired by twin peaks, season 3. especially the sound design of it. part 1 of 3.
sep 2018

remember 430 (e05-e11)

strongly inspired by twin peaks, season 3. especially the sound design of it. part 2 of 3.
sep 2018

remember 430 (e11-e18)

strongly inspired by twin peaks, season 3. especially the sound design of it. part 3 of 3.
sep 2018

space is a place

somewhere within 70s and 80s tunes coming with the right amount of cosmic feel.
apr 2018


adventures into italo disco and the like.
feb 2018

option #17 - mars 720 hd

guest mix for my dear friend resom. a musical journey to mars. including some original samples .-)
nov 2017

john klute

a long time fan of klute this one is to the man who's been keeping it up.
may 2017

definitiv podcast 004

a little podcast i did for my friends from Devinitiv.
apr 2017

hypot #1

first hypot podcast for long time fellow snout / templeton and his hereby highly recommended hypot label
apr 2017

de missions

mostly built around the hymn of "le soleil et la mer", this one collects some timely classics.
feb 2017

very confused

from time to time one needs a little stroke on the head, a little beat in the ear, a little turn around.
dec 2016

stranger synths

could not help but being a little inspired by this great show.
nov 2016

frank assembler

frank meaning honest, assembler meaning me - a collection of bass tunes.
apr 2016

like a chimp with a machine gun

heavily sampling from better call saul, this is rather various.
mar 2016

after all

clearly on the housy side of things, somehow hoovering above it all. that cover depicts my beloved lamps shadow display.
feb 2016

her / his

this one has its length, a complete story featuring more serious classically inspired music.
jan 2016

cylonian balooning

the electronic soundtrack of an imaginary baloon ride.
dec 2015

the pledge, the turn, the prestige

always wanted to have erasures always. here it is.
sep 2015

radio waves

based on the idea of browsing the radio waves as a child. did this quite a lot.
jan 2015


slowly increasing tempo over time. very slowly.
nov 2014

the golden ticket

nothing else to say, your golden ticket.
sep 2014

helium 3

broken beat infected, heavy bassline cured.
aug 2014

thunderstorm (soundbound / northbound)

listening a lot to fm4 at that time.
jul 2014


a collection of electronic dance music going into overtime.
dec 2013

a concept / not a concept

picking up directly where correct / not correct left me be.
jun 2013

correct / not correct

enchanted at a time when guitar music was favourite. such excitement.
feb 2013


one icy december 2012 needed some heating up.
dec 2012

a conscious mind at ease

made for personal relaxation by receiving aural waves.
sep 2012

the next

just finished watching all of next generation, this one is scattered with the vibe. find all references.
feb 2012

the small chill 2 (wrapped in plastic)

reviving the chills twin peek gave everytime watching.
nov 2011

connecting dots

connecting some dots here, old and new ones. one to seventeen.
sep 2011

the small chill (first act)

a detour into new fields, cheesy / beaty / songy tunes all along.
aug 2011

languidly laggard monsters

monster really got me, especially the soundtrack, just wanted to extend the feeling.
jun 2011


late on the dubstep train, caught up though.
dec 2010

gone forever, remembered well

a farewell to my late friend olli. rip.
oct 2010


abstract, dark. dexter, what a ride.
sep 2010


heavily processed, organic food for hungry ears.
dec 2009

a floating log (no more)

beats and ambience.
nov 2009

camping 2009

recorded at frequenzcamping 2009, a lovely open air.
aug 2009

no coincidence

first one made of indie rock / pop tunes and some true blood.
jul 2009

the teeth of the wind

some great tunes on this one, even some lyrics.
jun 2009

radio blau mix with mix-mup

coming back from a great day in snow, teaming up with my dear friend lolo
jan 2009


recorded at frequenzcafe 2008, the indoor variant of frequenzcamping.
feb 2008

to the moon and back

around the anniversary of the moon landing i remember hearing teardrop followed by lady in red, this had to be a perfect match.
dec 2007

such a mess (extended)

another early morning recording browsing though all sorts of vinyl pearls.
nov 2006

this is audiofiction 12

back in the days when we had our monthly night at distillery, this one got recorded.
dec 2005

munich hobby discotheque

made for a art vernissage at a munich gallery. not remembering much.
sep 2005

oldies but

one early summer morning, a heavy reach into the lower section of my record shelf. and somehow always a hand on the off switch.
jun 2005

später morgen

early morning afterhour set.
may 2005

next school short mix

a 25 min piece of breaks.
aug 2004

open cicatrice

some all time favourites to mix a cocktail for the heartbroken.
mar 2004


made during one night alone in r'dorf.
feb 2004

the war of the worlds

built around the legendary radio play by orson wells there seems to be a certain tension arc.
nov 2003

i have to get out of here

making its way from idm to alternative, guitar seems to be the key element here.
oct 2003

steer the course towards the light

enough time for one more story. a listening piece.
sep 2003


produced while staying in a small room in york / uk.
jul 2003

april's fools

first ever digital set not yet managing the technique. heartbroken.
apr 2003

memories past

vinyl set made for a friend, tracks i liked in 2002.
feb 2002

contour session with dan

earliest of all, we broadcasted internet radio via contour. dan on virus effected mic.
jan 2001